My Method to Bust Through Analysis Paralysis


Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? Ever had a hunch or an inspired idea, only to kill it or watch it shrivel up and die as you suffocate it with analysis? (OK maybe that’s a *bit* dramatic, but you get my point). If so, then keep reading to learn a fun way to bust through this limiting habit.Trying to strengthen your intuition and your ability to go with the flow can be a real challenge if you’ve spent most of your life over analyzing every single decision - from menu items to what you're going to wear to work. We are told that if we just act on our intuition things will start to flow, but how the heck do you do you take action without over-analyzing when that's all you know? Because some of us just can’t quit the over-analyzing habit cold turkey, here’s a tool to help you bridge the gap between inspired action and analysis paralysis. Play the “What If” game with your inspired idea.And no, I’m not talking about going down the rabbit hole of negative hypothetical scenarios… I’m suggesting just the opposite! So here’s what you do, to help appease the part of your brain that just has to analyze, you are going to apply the “Oh yes, What If” technique to your idea. You are going to observe, think and assess the path of your inspired idea with the intention of pushing it forward.But before I explain the game, I want to make sure we are clear on something…

You are a consciousness who gets to decide which thoughts you'd like to associate with, or not. You can chose to stick with a thought or you can observe the thought and let it go. You aren’t your thoughts, but rather the consciousness who gets to drive your thoughts to the intended destination.

If you decide to stick with a thought, you can then give it mobility with intention, emotion and imagination. For example, let’s take the guy who invented Post-It Notes.One day he was sitting around thinking about how hard it was for him to remember little to-do’s. So the situation could have gone of two ways:He could have taken the “Oh No, What If” path. It could look a little something like this:  He could have thought, Man it’s tough to remember all these to-do. Oh no, what if that means I have a terrible memory? Oh no, what if because my memory is bad, I’m not good at thinking period. I’m stupid. I can’t do anything right. So I’m just going to sit here and think about how crappy of a memory I have and chose not to do things that require a good memory.  Or he could have played the “What if, Oh Yes” game. Which goes a little something like this:Man it’s tough to remember all of these to-do. Oh yes, what if I had a way to help me remember the to-do. Oooooh yes! What if I created that something. Oh yeah! And what if it was something super simple that everyone could use. Ah heck yes, and what if I took this tape here and just stuck it to this paper here. OMG HELL YES what if I market this and call it a post-it? Genius!!OK, I have no idea if that’s how it went down. But what I’m trying to illustrate is that your ideas and emotions are what give your thoughts mobility. You can change the destination of a thought by aligning the ideas and emotions you attach to that thought with an outcome that you desire.You can analyze your intuitive hits with positivity and potential. Create the grand vision of your inspired action by positively analyzing it. Play it out. Go from inspired idea to the next step. Ask yourself, Oh yes! What if that cool thing happened?” Ooooh that would be amazing! And then ah yeah, what if that happened? What would come next?

Give your inspired idea mobility and speed by affixing the ideas and thoughts to it that support your desired life vision.

It’s like climbing  a ladder. Each small step gets you to the top. By playing this game, you’re still honoring your mind’s need for analysis while honoring your intuition. You’re just adding a little step between idea and inspired action - and that’s all good!So next time you get the urge to analyze your next great idea, just play this game and see what happens.    Meg Sylvester is an Spiritual Life Coach and Business Mentor for Soulful Entrepreneurs, Heart Centered Dreamers, and Inspired Seekers. To learn more on her Mindset Mastery private coaching experience that blends intuitive guidance with inspired action click here.