Connect To Your True Self With This Mantra Meditation


I’d love to share a very special kundalini mantra with you that I use on my retreats as a group chant.

It’s a beautiful tool, and a reminder that everything we need is flowing to us from Source at all times - and that it’s simply our own ‘stuff’ that get’s in the way.

Imagine an infinite river of love, joy, abundance and healing light flowing through us in every moment. Now imagine yourself standing under the river of light washing over you.

What do you look like?

Are you beaming, chin up, eyes bright, happy, serene, lit up, and fully expansive in your energy?

Or is your head turned downwards? Are you shoulders drooped? Do you feel worried, sad or constricted?

If the later is the case, (as it for all of us from time to time!) then please know that this is NOT you.

This is simply an effect of the patterns, traumas and weight that we have picked up from over the years.

Getting Back To Your True Self

You were born a brilliant bright soul in a human body. But through this process we forget who we are and what we’re here to do.. a necessary forgetting because the weight of a thousand past lives would be too much to bear.

And as the innocent beings that we are, we soak up the unconscious beliefs and half-truths of our parents, our families, our friends, our communities and now the whole global society.. until we’re full. Not of our own light. But of the unfiltered collective ‘agreements’ around us.

As time goes on it begins to weigh heavier and heavier on our beings; blocking out more and more of the cosmic life-force trying to flow through us.

It makes us literally so full of junk that we simply can’t take another drop. Even if that drop is the pure pulsating elixir of life itself.

It sounds bleak doesn’t it?

It isn’t.

This just means we need a detox. A cosmic colonic if you will, to help clean out all of the negative unhelpful toxins from our minds, bodies, and souls. So that the full beauty and life giving force of Source can flow through us. Unhindered and in all it’s glory.

Can you imagine what a life like this could gift you? Limitless energy, inspiration, intuition, and the experience of being so deeply connected to Spirit, that you begin to see life through IT’S eyes, rather than your surrounding’s eyes. This is how truly to be an instrument of the divine.

Hari Om Mantra

The sacred tool I use to accelerate this process; to wash away the obstructions and allow for Source to flood in, is a little known mantra called Hari Om.

Hari means simply “to remove”

And Om is the universal vibration that connects us to Source

By chanting this mantra for 20 minutes a day, you can remove any and every obstacle in the way of your true beautiful Self, and the Divine light flowing through you. As you practice over weeks and months, those old negative patterns begin to dissolve, and you will undergo positive transformations in every area of your life.

And don’t worry - it won’t remove anything that is truly ‘You’, only those negative beliefs, struggles and habits that you’ve taken on from the outside, and that don’t resonate with the light of Source.

In fact, by using this mantra you will likely become more ‘yourself’ than ever!

If this sounds intriguing let me just say - I am so excited for you!! :D

So without further ado..

How to Perform the Hard Om Mantra

  1. Sit comfortably in your meditation spot (a quiet space if fine).

  2. Breath slow and deep for a few minutes to center yourself and create an inner sense of calm and openness.

  3. Begin the Hari Om chant (which is pronounced “Hari Aum”). It may help at first to chant along with this beautiful version in Spotify

  4. Focus on the meaning of the words, allowing the vibrations to remove anything in the way of Source flowing through you. You can choose to focus on something particular that you would like to remove, or simply surrender to its magic. The Universe knows what you need so there’s no need to overthink it ;)

  5. Continue for 20 minutes (if using the version linked above simply play it on loop).

I really can’t convey the power of the Hari Om mantra. I’ve personally witnessed it change so many people’s lives on my retreats, and in my circles. And I truly hope it helps you as profoundly on your journey.

With love and light!!