Your Body is a Messenger - Are you listening to it?


Several  months ago I had a tarot card reading and was a stumped by something I was told. She said I’d be doing something with my hands. She wasn’t sure, it wasn’t quite clear but there was definitely some energy going on with my hands, and to watch for opportunities that allowed me to work with them. I was confused, because I don’t really do any type of art with my hands. I don’t paint, draw, do pottery or build things. So I just kinda let it go. Fast forward to today… I was on a hike, something I love, but haven’t been able to do in a while because of the weather. Being on a hike and surrounded by trees makes my heart happy. It’s like soul food for me. While I was hiking, I noticed the familiar feeling of my fingers dancing, tapping out imaginary beats. That always happens when I’m hiking (regardless if I have music playing or not). Whenever I hike my fingers start to move  as if they were dancing to some imaginary song playing in the wind. And when I’m really feeling it, I go into full on hand dancing (sometimes the head starts bobbing). It’s as if my hands got swept up in some imaginary current of musical waves.  There are only two other times when my hands start dancing like that.  The first is when I’m actually dancing. I know for sure I was given the gift of dance to know what it feels like to to be totally tapped in. When I dance my mind goes away. It’s like my body is completely taken over by the music. I don’t think. I don’t plan. I don’t care. I just dance. And I am so happy when I do. I know the Universe gave me this gift just so I could feel Her presence, so I could know the power of divine connection. Seriously, that’s how much I love to dance.  And I’m proud to say, I’m really freakin’ good! ...ask my friends ;) The second time I feel like this, just totally tapped and in the zone,  in is when I get into a deep flow of conversation with my clients (and friends). When we are so tuned into each other and on a really deep subject. My hands start to dance. That imaginary musical current sweeps them up. I feel so tuned in and in the flow, like I could talk for hours (and sometimes I do!). When my hands start to dance like that, it’s like visible feedback that I’ve found the flow.  While I was on my hike - hand dancing - I stopped and made the connection about the whole hand thing the card reader was saying. Holy crap. This is what my cards meant. This is what she was talking about when she said I’d be doing something with my hands. My hands are the messenger that I’m in the flow, that I’m tapped in, doing soul work. My work is my soul food.  Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is to illustrate how beautifully our bodies work as messengers of the soul. Our bodies let us know when things aren’t right through headaches, stomach problems, fight or flight feelings, acne, fatigue, and whatever else. But they also let us know when things ARE right, through instantaneous smiles, tingles up our spines, chills, standing tall, and of course, hand dancing. As a metaphysician, I am fascinated by exploring the physical manifestation of deep-seated emotions and long-standing harmful belief patterns. I am continuously and actively looking for the relationship between mind and matter, feelings and our physical form.In her book, The Body is the Barometer of the Soul, Annette Noontil goes very deep into the relationship between emotions and the body. She describes in great detail how energy of thought and feeling is developed into physical manifestation of unwanted symptoms. The following are a few examples of the metaphysical connections between mind, body, and spirit that Noontil makes in her book:

  • Cold Sores = "I do not want to take in that news"

  • Dandruff = A clogging up of self-acceptance. Impatience with the way others do things. It is not the same as I want it done

  • Dry Hair - Not being aware that you can achieve. Your inadequacy keeps you doing nothing because you do not know yourself

  • Headaches (Back of Head) Pressurizing yourself through impatience that you have not done enough.

  • Headaches (Front of Head) - Holding on to old limitations and having difficulty with seeing the good in things.

  • Sinus - You are not satisfied with the way you are not learning

  • Bedwetting - not knowing how to get what you want

  • Hemorrhoids - you want to pass on your knowledge but you do not think it will be accepted.

  • Endometriosis - Your need is to grow spiritually so you have a new approach to your life. Understand yourself and remove old limiting concepts.

 I encourage you to become the great interpreter of your bodily messages. Go deeper than just the physical. Start exploring how your emotions and deep-seated, fear based stories have manifested themselves as physical symptoms, especially your chronic, long-lasting symptoms.On the flip side of that, I also encourage you to listen and observe how your body feels when you are doing what you love. Emotions live in our body. Recognize the bio feedback of happiness, excitement, joy, and gratitude. What do those emotions feel like? Do they feel like tingles, warmth, a smile? Where in your body do you feel it? Does joy live in your heart center, does it travel up your spine, does it feel like relief in your muscles?Learning to recognize your body's signals is a cornerstone of mind / body awareness.  "Change your thoughts to change your body." - Annette Noontil  Meg Sylvester is a Spiritual Success and Wellness Coach. She inspires clients to create massive transformation in their lives by removing obstacles to well-being. Ready to live your healthiest, happiest life doing what you love? Contact Meg for a complimentary discovery call. Click Here