How to Become a Morning Person


WHY on earth would I WANT to become a morning person?! ....would have been my response to this a few years ago. I love sleep. Back then, when I had it my way, I would sleep until the very last minute and then rush my way through the mornings. This wasn't helping anything though. My days felt crammed, scattered, and a little out of control.Becoming a morning person has been one of the most miracle bearing shifts I've created in my life. My morning time is where I give myself the silence I need to charge my batteries and open up my mind for the day to come. It's the time I enjoy most now. Since becoming a morning person, I have more energy and clarity throughout the day and am generally in a better mood. I notice a big difference in my productivity and energy levels on the days where I shrug off my morning time. Read on to find out how I became a morning person.

  1. Baby Steps - it's a difficult transition to all of the sudden start waking up an entire hour earlier than you have been. Make it easy in yourself...start small. For the first two weeks, set your alarm for only 10 minutes earlier than normal. You can build your way up, adding an extra 5 minutes each week.

  2. Get enough sleep - make sure you know what time you need to go to sleep to ensure you get the proper amount of sleep (7 to 8 hours is best!) Shut down electronics 1-2 hours before putting your head on the pillow to ensure better sleep quality.

  3. Avoid screens in the morning - I encourage my clients to either get an alarm clock (this is my fave!) and plug their phones in an entirely different room, OR if using your phone as an alarm plug it in in the opposite corner of the room so that their first action upon rising isn't looking at a screen. Avoid looking at a screen until after you have completed step 4 (below)

  4. Select a quiet morning activity - the key here is quiet and contemplative. Some great options are lighting a candle and taking deep breaths while gazing into the flame. Practicing a light yoga flow like Sun Salutation. Reading an uplifting, self-development book, doing a guided meditation, writing in a gratitude journal, or simply sitting in silence and listening to your breath. Just pick one and commit to it for the next week. If it doesn't feel right after the first week, select a new one. But just be willing to give this new routine some time to sink in and feel good.

  5. Set a timer - Since you are only waking up 10 minutes early, start out by engaging in your selected activity for 5-7 minutes (assuming it took you a few minutes to get out of bed). By setting a timer, you won't be bothered by the need to keep checking a clock. You can just relax and know that your timer will let you know when it's time to close out your activity. (You may have to look at a screen for just a moment here)

  6. Once your "me" time is complete give a moment of thanks. Thank yourself and your body for the ritual and the time. Smile, breathe, and begin your day on a tranquil note.

Once you have this routine in place and it feels natural to you, you can begin to think about building on as you add more time. Maybe adding a bit of stretching or journaling to your current practice. Or maybe you'd like to meditate longer. Whatever you do, be gentle on yourself and don't cram too much into this. Let it be easy and just for you. Confused on how to start? Need a game plan and some accountability to get you moving confidently down the path you most want to be on. I am here to help. There are lots of ways we can work together. Let's chat to discover how we can best work together to get you feeling your absolute best - mind, body, and soul. Click here to send me a message - let me know what's on your mind.