Is the Universe Calling you to your Soul’s Purpose?


As a spiritual coach I believe that everyone is born with a unique gift and soul's purpose to share with the world.

Like a small seed, that given enough nourishment, has the power to grow into a mighty oak tree. This gift or seed, is your soul's purpose. And this is what I help people to find.

It sounds simple enough, but so many of us are born into less than ideal circumstances. We inherit patterns that dull our glow, and dirty the window through which we can see our gifts. We end up lost and forlorn, seeking outwards that one thing which we can only find in ourselves.

Through my work I’ve developed a treasure trove of transformational protocols and healing's to help people wake up to their soul's purpose.. but a question I get asked time and time again is “how do I know I’m on the right path?”..

This can be such a scary question for people, because as lightworkers we tend to feel an urgency to help lift the world around us, and the thought of wasting “even more” time can feel unbearable.

So it’s an important question.

3 Ways To Know You're Following Your Soul's Purpose

  1. It’s far better to walk in the right direction than run in the wrong one. Yep! Been there, done that!..
    Now I feel it’s much better to take it slow and move from a place of intuition and authenticity, rather than run down every path I come across ‘just in case’ I’m missing out on anything. The running mentality comes from a place of fear, but we want to stay in our strength and power, which means only taking small inspired actions when we feel called to.

  2. Everything happens in divine timing. Which means surrender and patience are two of our greatest allies on the journey to discovering our gifts.

  3. The Universe speaks to us all time, giving us ideas, support and sustenance for our journey. All we have to do is open ourselves up to seeing it.

This third part is what I’d like to talk about today… the signs that the Universe speaks to us in. And they are all around us.. literally all the time.

However! Just because they’re there, it doesn’t mean we can always see them.

How the Universe Speaks to Us

You see, the Universe speaks in a very different language than we do. As embodied beings, we’re anchored in the world of cause and effect. Which means we take an action, then something happens, and we see the link between the two events. We can make sense of it.

But the Universe doesn’t work like this. It’s outside of time, and so everything exists in the perfect now - ready and waiting for us to resonate at the ‘right’ frequency and see it.

The Universe / God / Love / Light  is ever present, ready for our awakening. But it is through our awareness that it becomes manifest.

In other words, all of our dreams, desires, and our innate soul's purpose, exist for us in a perfect state at all times. But we have to meet the Universe halfway. We have to become aware of it, for it to manifest. And lucky for us we can cultivate this awareness through the daily practice of following the synchronicities.

The Art of Cultivating Synchronicity

The concept of synchronicity was first termed by Carl Jung (the grandfather of archetypes and the unconscious collective mind). He coined it to describe the occurrence of two events happening together, that seem significant, but can’t be described in our normal language of cause and effect.

For example, a dearly loved one passes away and everywhere you go you find white feathers in your path. Or you have a big life aha moment and suddenly start seeing 11.11 twice a day on your clock. Or you’re going through a hard time at work and suddenly 3’s start appearing in the most unlikely of places..

When we experience synchronicity it means that we have broken through the level of cause and effect, and are vibrating closer to the Universal pulse of creation. That whatever we’re doing, we are on the right path. That we have the support of elevated beings on our side.

We’ve all experienced this from time to time, but what do they mean, and how can we get closer to this frequency?

The Meaning of Signs

The internet abounds with labeling specific signs with specific meanings.. 444’s advising you to quit your job, and 555’s to never sneeze on a Tuesday..

OK I’m totally joking! :) And no offense at all intended!

But what I’m getting at, is we have two choices with these signs. We can either give our power away to other people’s experience of the divine and believe that as the only truth. Or we can cultivate our own personal experience with Spirit and discover what it means specifically for us.

I may be a bit out of the mainstream here, but I believe the Universe speaks to each of us in a supremely personal and individual language. Yes there may be crossovers and patterns in our collective consciousness, but for each of us certain numbers or objects hold very unique meanings. So trusting our intuition and personal experience is key.

When I receive a sign I celebrate. Knowing that I’m on the right path, and that the Universe has a special message for me. I take it as a signal to open up my meditation or prayer time to connect with Source and ask what is seeking to come through.

Sometimes it’s a very clear message to take a specific action or go down a certain path. Other times it’s a message of compassion and love, telling me I’m doing OK and that Love and Light is on my side.

The beauty is that the more I tune in to hear the message, the more the signs flood in!

Sometimes there are so many that I can’t help but laugh! Feeling like I’m inside this magical cosmic world where everything is humming with life and even the feathers and stones are speaking!

And this is the deepest joy… that with practice it can help us develop a personal relationship with Source. With practice we begin to see, feel and hear Its messages everyday.

All without the need for Google! *happy dance* :)

How can we get closer to this frequency?

It’s simple. We just need to make ourselves available to it.

I like to think of Spirit as a best friend. If they keep knocking at your door but you don’t answer, they’re going to try and sneak in the back door.

(Either way the love will pour in - you just may not notice it!)

But if you keep answering the call to the Universe and inviting it in, it will communicate more often. Your relationship will become stronger and stronger, until you feel it as a tangible presence in your life.

This is the frequency from which magic and miracles are made, and where I like to spend most of my time these days!

Want some help tapping into the vibration of love and light? Feel free to check out my retreats, where I’ll be sharing all the secrets to a truly magical life.