How to Gain Clarity, Motivation and Focus so You Can Finally Accomplish Your Goals


When it comes to accomplishing a goal, I have found that there are two major types of  blocks that stop us. The first being a lack of clarity around what you really want. And the second being the motivation and tenacity to keep at it.  Have you ever said something along the lines of “I just want to follow my passion, start my own business or use my gifts to make a living” without really knowing what your passion or business idea is?  Or maybe you find yourself just kind of floating through your day with no real definite intention. You just kind of allow yourself to be pulled in whatever direction is tugging at you, never really feeling like the day is yours.  You laugh when you’re supposed to laugh, but you also allow outside factors, people and situations to totally screw with you and stress you out. You appreciate what you have. But sometimes you feel like you are just watching life happen around you rather than directly, actively participating in it. Or maybe you’ve tried to get healthier. Maybe lose a couple of pounds. Maybe eat more veggies. But inevitably you lose focus during the day and grab the  soda or sugary snack and tell yourself that you’ll try again tomorrow. I know how that feels, because I was there for so many years. Just falling back into one cycle after another, never really feeling like I was in control. It’s so hard to make a true shift in your life when you have nothing grounding you to your goals. Imagine trying to pass a test if you never had a book to read, a teacher to share information with you, or time to yourself to study. It would be pretty hard right? Your dreams need a foundation to grow from. Clarity, focus and motivation are all mindset attributes that require nourishment. Accomplishing a goal and gaining clarity become so much easier when specific strategies and techniques are implemented.  That’s where my 21 Day Keep up to Transform Challenge comes in. I designed this challenge to promote clarity, focus, and motivation to give you a beautiful foundation for your hopes, dreams and goals.  Through committed practice, you will start to notice a mindset shift. Peace of mind, clarity, and a strengthened connection to the Universe are all benefits you can expect.  The challenge uses a specific Kundalini Yoga practice called Keep-Up’s and lasts approximately 7 minutes a day. You will receive weekly journal prompts to help you clearly define your priorities and goals. Along with the journal prompts, weekly group coaching calls will be held to support your practice. In addition you will receive a daily motivational email and be invited to join a private facebook group for a beautiful extra layer of support. Imagine a community of like minded people who are all ready to cheer you on? Sounds awesome right? (it is!!) By combining each of the facets of the challenge and committing to the daily practice beautiful breakthroughs will happen.  If you are ready to:

  • Gain more clarity and focus

  • Bust through blocks that are holding you back from going after what you truly desire

  • Release old patterns that no longer serve you

  • Become totally motivated

  • Feel supported

  • Accomplish your goals

 You can join the challenge now by clicking  here! The next challenge starts on February 3rd, 2018!  To learn more about the challenge click here