Heal Your Money Mindset


Do you recognize that you have fear-based thinking when it comes to money? Read along for journal prompts and an exercise to help you heal your money wounds and dissolve the fear-based thinking blocking you from abundance.

If you feel as though you are blocking abundance from your life, you may want to do a deep dive into your relationship with money. In the world of spirituality, money can be a tricky topic. It is one that holds a lot of emotion behind it. Habits like overspending, agonizing over purchases, hoarding money, or feeling bad after spending are clues that you may have a money wound. The holidays and the new year are a time that can cause all of our emotional ties to money to surface and intensify. But this doesn’t have to mean defeat, for those who are committed to self-growth, this can be a wonderfully cathartic time to release deep-rooted stories.

In order to truly overcome limiting patterns and beliefs systems, like a fear-based money mindset, you must first honor the uncomfortable emotions that come with it.

As I like to say, you've got to feel it to heal it. What better time to work through your old money story, than when you're really experiencing the full weight of it? This holiday season, I encourage you to observe your fear and discomfort when it comes to money with a gentle curiosity and with the intention of healing.

Here is a great two-part exercise to work through your money story.

Part 1:

Open up your journal or notebook to a fresh piece of paper and answer the following prompts:

1.  How do I feel when I spend money?

2.  How do I feel when I receive money?

3.  Do I feel responsible enough to manage my money?

4.  Do I feel in control when it comes to money? Why or why not?

5.  When do I feel most triggered when it comes to money?

6.  What patterns do I continuously find myself getting into with money?

7.  How does this pattern make me feel?8.  Where in my body am I experiencing these feelings?

Really take your time with answering these questions. Go all out. Try to dig deep and go beyond your surface answers. We’re looking for much more than Yes or No answers! Money can be a tough topic for lots of people, and your ego may try and fight you on this. You may get the urge to distract yourself with social media, eating, or some other activity to avoid answering these questions. Make the commitment to yourself to work through these to the best of your ability.

Part two:

Once you’ve answered the last question, “where in my body am I experiencing these feelings” pop in some headphones and turn on my favorite Kundalini Mantra for Healing – Ra Ma Da Sa. (Learn more about this sacred healing Mantra here).

As you are absorbing the healing energy of the mantra, make space to really experience the emotions that are coming up. Acknowledge the feelings in your body and set the intention to move them out. Studies have shown us that in order to release an emotion, we must sit with it for at least 90 seconds. This mantra will give you plenty of time to process and move through the discomfort.  

As a bonus step if you are called,  free-write about your experience while listening to the mantra. The more processing you can do, the better.

Please acknowledge that this will most likely not be a quick fix. In order to release patterns that we’ve internalized for years, we’ve got to commit to doing the work to releasing them. Meditation and journaling are part of the process of course, but equally as important are recognizing your triggers while they happen and putting in the effort to shift your perception during the moment.

I want to hear from you about your results with this. Shoot me an email at meg@megsylvester.com

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