Do you have trouble hearing your intuition? If so, try this


If you have trouble hearing the voice of your intuition, read on... Imagine being at a house party where the music is cranked up. A friend comes up to you to try and talk, but the music is so loud you can’t hear her. This friend is like your intuition. Sometimes she's even yelling, jumping up and down, wearing a sparkly outfit, but we just can't seem to hear her. Our intuition is always there, but when we have the sound turned up so loud, we tend to tune her out.  Your mind is like the house, and the music is like the mental chatter swirling through your head. When we seek guidance from our intuition, we must listen. Ask and you shall receive….unless you can’t.When we’ve got so much mental chatter going on inside of our heads, it makes it much more challenging to actually receive the guidance we want. The first step in communicating with your intuition is to simply ask then listen. This means that you’ve got to clear out your head and get quiet so that you can actually hear. And by hear, I don’t necessarily mean, audibly. You can receive intuitive guidance through a knowingness, a sense, or a vision. But regardless of the way you absorb this guidance, silene will absolutely make it easier for you to receive. A great way to build your silent muscle is to do just that, practice at being quiet so that you can hear your intuition down. Yes, it may sound simple, and so not magical, but the best thing we can do to build a deeper bond between our mind and our intuition is learning how to get good at being quiet on the inside.  And here’s an easy way how to practice: LIght a candle and select a short amount of time...even something as short as 30 seconds. Then set a timer. Before your start the timer, suggest to yourself that you would like to empty out all of the contents of your mind. The only intention you have for the next 30 seconds is to just be.  Start your timer and watch the flame as you feel your breath. Observe the rise & fall of your breath. Make that be your focus. As soon as the timer goes off, blow out the candle, offer up some gratitude to yourself for your practice them move along. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren't totally free of mental chatter the first time. Remember that clearing your mind of thoughts and cultivating a silent space may not be easy for you at first (or maybe it will be). But regardless, just do the exercise and keep at it.  Stay at the same amount of time for an entire week, then the next week bump it up by a small fraction. If you were at 30 seconds, go up to 45.  You are building the mental muscle of beingness. In a society so caught up in doing, this whole beingness thing can be a little daunting at first. But You can do it. The rewards are huge. Imagine being able to hear and receive guidance from your intuition all throughout the day. Imagine being able to take confident inspired action because you simply “know” that what you are doing is the exact right move.  It all starts with listening.