How to Fully Book any Event using Universal Law


Creating your own event, whether it’s a local informal talk, or a week long retreat in Costa Rica, can be scary. Especially if we’re taking a big step outside of our comfort zone, *hello fears and triggers!!*

But there is a way to fill your events gracefully, and even have some fun along the way.

For my very first live event, I had three people sign up right away.

I was super excited, they were all flying in (yay!). But then there was a lull in sign ups, and I started thinking OMG I'm going to have to cancel this and refund everyone for their plane tickets!

I was focusing all of my attention on catastrophizing the worst case scenario. I wasn't planning, or creating, I was just worrying. I’d taken a big leap of faith, and then when things didn’t manifest immediately, I let myself slip into fear.

Then I had a wake up call. I took my power back and realized that for this to work, I had to make a big shift.

I began telling myself that my event would sell out. I asked, what would I be doing if I knew my event would go ahead? So I began planning, creating, and acting from the thought "I am hosting this event”.

All of my actions were aligned with the knowingness that my event was going to be a huge success.

I began marketing from that space, creating from that space. And within a few weeks my event sold out.

So that you don’t have to suffer the same rollercoaster, here is my personal blueprint for filling any event, big or small! :)

1. Make It Feel Safe

Our unconscious mind is responsible for 90% of what manifests in our world, but it’s not logical. It’s like a sweet innocent child, and more than anything it just wants to keep us safe.

This is why, even if we REALLY want something logically.. If we’re in fear when we think about it, then our unconscious mind will label it as scary and try to push it away as far as possible - which means it WON’T manifest it.

So, when planning anything that’s outside of our comfort zone, it’s really important to make it feel safe. We can do this by taking little baby steps and expanding slowly each time, or by showing our unconscious mind how awesome, great, and fabulous our event will be.

This teaches our unconscious that the thing we want is super safe for it to manifest!

2. Stay In Love Instead Of Fear

As human beings, we can only exist in a state of love or fear. When we’re in fear, everything feels scary, and we end up manifesting things that match that vibration (think empty seats and refunds!). Remember - worrying is praying for what you don’t want.

BUT, when we’re in a state of love there’s no room for fear, and the goodness keeps flowing. It’s like being tapped straight into source, and watching the miracles flood in.

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to bring myself back into love, is through gratitude.

If you feel yourself worrying about empty seats, then take a step back and either write or meditate on all the things you’re grateful for.

I like including things I already have in my physical reality, and also include gratitude for my event being fully booked out (as if it’s already happened!).

3. Visualize - And Really FEEL It

Feeling is one of our greatest manifesting tools. When we really tap into the feeling of our wish fulfilled, we magnetize ourselves to all the things needed to make it a physical reality.

Whenever I run an event I make a daily practice of feeling based visualizations.

It’s so simple. All you have to do is find a quiet spot to meditate, and then visualize your event fully booked out, and the FEELING that this would give you.

Would you feel elated, excited, grateful, happy tears, utter relief and trust in the universe?

This is such a wonderful practice because it allows you to tap into deep feelings of joy and knowingness, which makes it worthwhile in itself right?!

But it also creates a powerful template for the unconscious mind and universe to manifest from.

How would you show up each day if you knew your event was going to be full?

4. Let It Go

This is the part where most people fall down in their manifesting practice.. the letting go bit.

When you get to this point you’ve done all the hard work. You’ve created an event that feels safe and exciting, you’ve corrected course and kept yourself in a state of love over fear, and you’ve put the time in daily to visualize and really feel your event being sold out.

But without this final step, the process is not complete.

We have to let it go. This means that we hand it over to the Universe, trusting that it will be fulfilled.

When you visualize daily, give it 100%.

When you pull yourself back from fear and into love, give it 100%.

When you make it feel safe, give it 100%.

And when you’re done - LET IT GO 1000%.

Trust that this is enough. Have faith that the Universe will provide.

If we don’t let it go, but keep going over things again and again, it sends the message that we’re not finished. And so our true dream is put on hold, while we run ourselves around in circles.

It’s like ordering a coffee.. we only get the coffee we desire when we actually order it and let it go. It’s the same with universal law.

If you follow these 4 simple steps, then you can fill any event, big or small!

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