How To Perform Your Very Own Sacred Cacao Ceremony


When you think ofchocolate what images come up? Pretty boxes tied with ribbons, a naughty treat,or perhaps a gift from a loved one?

How about an ancientmystical plant medicine, that channels the divine and helps us connect with ourhighest Self?!

It’s a little far removed from a Hershey bar right?

Surprisingly, chocolate,or rather Theobroma Cacao actually means “food for the Gods”, and hasbeen used as a plant medicine for over 4000 years.

It’s believed that Cacaois an ancient gift from Mother Earth, to help guide us, release old wounds, andultimately bring us into a state of love and deep spiritual communion.

Happiness is ourbirthright, and Cacao is a wonderful tool to help us raise our vibration, andmove into a place of divine alignment. This is the space from which we can healold wounds, set intentions, and manifest our desires.

Think bliss, love, joy,flow and FUN!

Cacao also has a veryfeminine energy, helping us to bring our masculine into balance and becomevessels for the divine feminine.

When you work with anyplant medicines, it’s wise to do so in ceremony and treat them with respect.

Plant medicines are notjust substances that we take to feel good; they are spirits, each with theirown consciousness, gifts, and healing powers.

I like to think of themas elevated beings, ready to bestow their wisdom on those who seek it. In thesame way you would approach any shaman or spiritual teacher, reverence andhumility is key.

This doesn’t mean thatwe can’t have fun with Cacao. Ceremonial garb,feathers, beads, crystals, and witchy friends welcome!..

Just keep in mind thatCacao is a spirit, and when seeking connection with it, it’s important to do sowith respect.

If you would like to open your heart, raise your vibration, and harmonize your energies, why not create your own sacred Cacao ceremony with these 5 simple steps.

1. Set and Setting

Make sure to source highquality Cacao to create your elixir. Then decide whether you would like toperform your ceremony alone, or with friends.

I’ve done both, andwhile drinking alone can facilitate very deep healing and introspection, I alsolove the high vibrational energy that comes from joining together in a group ofsoul sisters.

If you’re in a group, it’snice to start off by sitting in a circle. As the host you’ll have the Cacaodrink set out in front of you, perhaps on a mini altar you’ve laid out just forthis purpose.

I like to spread out a small rug, and set upon it my favorite crystals, personal totems, and anything that brings me joy. I’ll also invite my soul sisters beforehand to bring anything they’d like to add, so that it’s a collective offering.

2. Set an Intention

To receive the most fromyour ceremony it’s wise to set an intention.

This could be on an oldwound that you would like to heal and integrate, a desire that you would liketo call in, a deepening of your connection to Source or a specific side ofyourself.. or even just to raise your vibration.

If in doubt, focusing onthe feelings of bliss, ecstasy, joy, and love is a fantastic intention to setfor ceremony.

When you’re ready tobegin ask each person, one by one, to sit in front of the altar. As the hostyou now pour them a cup of the elixir, and hand it to them.

Before they drink,invite them to meditate upon their intention for the ceremony, drink themedicine, and return to their seat.

So it goes round, each person connecting with their intention, while everyone holds space and supports them. This in itself is such a beautiful practice!

3. Play Music

Music is a greataccompaniment to Cacao.

Not only does it help toraise the vibration of the ceremony, but it also helps to focus the intentioninward, and protect the space from any outside energies.

I personally love sacreddrumming, chanting; or just a good rhythm to help carry the movements.

If you’re feeling stuck, there’s lots of ceremonial music you can find online - as long as it’s rhythmic, you’re good to go!

4. Dance & Movement

Allow the music to growin Intensity, then dance, move, have fun and let go.

You’ve set yourintention, and now it’s time to surrender to the medicine. Let go, and expresswhatever wants to come through. This is your own personal space to allow the Cacaoto work through you.

Don’t worry about whatpeople might think.. the more we dive deeper into the medicine and expressourselves authentically, the more we allow others to do the same.

While you move, holdspace for your intention, and recognize the wisdom of Mother Earth coursingthrough your body.

The spiritual pathdoesn't have to mean you are constantly focused on releasing or healing. It'sequally important to simply have fun, to admit to yourself that sometimes youare actually OK!

Treat these ceremoniesas a celebration. How would you feel and act if your intention for the ceremonywas realized?

Allow this gift to flow through you, and surrender to the feeling of having your wish fulfilled. Follow the dance of Cacao into that place, and let go.

5. Share & Close

Once the ceremony hascome to a natural end, and the medicine has worked it’s magic, I like to returnto the circle and collectively hold space for anyone who would like to sharetheir experience.

There may be tears,laughter, internal transformations, sparks of divine insight.. or just thatbeautiful afterglow that we’ve learned to know and love.

Either way, snacks andhugs are a great final close to the ceremony! :)

I really hope you enjoy yours, and please get in touch with me to let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear about how the magic of Cacao has touched you personally!

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