Do This Intention Setting Ritual to Create a Life that Lights You Up


Do This Intention Setting Ritual to Create a Life that Lights You Up. Focused, consistent, and clear thoughts have the power to bring into form whatever it is you desire. Manifesting, though, goes far beyond just wanting something. You have to get clear. You have to feel it, and you have to get intentional.I know this, because I have experienced the power of manifesting in my own life - professionally, financially, and personally. Build the life of your dreams by using clear and powerful thoughts and with this gorgeous intention setting ritual. Step 1: Create your space Find a room that has a good energy and you feel at peace in. Clear away any clutter. Light a few candles. If you enjoy burning incense or diffusing essential oils, the do so. Do whatever you need to make the space cozy and dreamy. I like setting out a few crystals to and turning on a Himalayan salt lamp.  Before you begin, set your desires for the Intention setting Ritual by repeating this prayer: “I am ready, willing, and able to live the life of my dreams. I co-create with the Universe. I graciously receive. I am love.” Step 2: Dream It Select one of your favorite, high-vibe songs (I love Rise Up by Andra Day and The Greatest by SIA). As you listen, breathe in feelings of gratitude, appreciation & joy. Your only responsibility here is to transport yourself into a vibration of gratitude for this intention setting ritual.  

Once your song has ended open up your journal and begin to write about the life of your dreams. Money is no object. There is only joy. Dream big. This is your chance to create the grandest vision possible of your life. Don’t worry about how it will all happen. Just write whatever your heart desires.

 What are you doing? Where are you? How do you feel?  Step 3.  See It. Grab your headphones and listen to the song, Ek Ong Kar. This is a kundalini chant specifically for manifesting. As you listen to the sacred words put a picture and a feeling to your dream. See it. Don’t judge the images, just let them come – you may be surprised. Simply receive the images.  Once the song has ended, write down what you saw.  Step 4.  Say It. 

Create I AM affirmation statements based off your vision. These are your intention setting statements. Always write your I AM statement in a positive expression. For example rather than saying “I AM not sick” or “I AM not in debt” You could write “I AM healthy” or “I AM Financially secure”.

Try to write your I AM statement as though it is already happening. For example, rather than “I AM going to be healthy” simply write “ I AM healthy”. Examples of I AM statements:  

  • I am a six-figure business owner.

  • I am a person with clear, radiant skin.

  • I am the picture of health.

  • I am joyfully abundant.

  • I am a published author.

  • I am a mother.

  • I am in a committed, healthy relationship.

  • I am a homeowner.

 As a last step to this intention setting ritual you may want to create vision board. Use images that give you happy feelings and represent what you want to attract into your life. Keep the board in a place where you see it everyday. You may also want to include your I AM statements on your board as well!  For Continued Support of your Intention Setting:Look at your vision board daily. Repeat your I AM statements daily. Meditate on your intentions. Give thanks as though your intentions have already happened. As you begin your day, your mediation, or a moment of mindfulness, say this prayer “Dear Universe, tell me what to do, where to go, what to say and to whom. I trust that I am being guided. I know that I am supported and that everything is happening in perfect order. Thank you, Universe.  Meg Sylvester is a Spiritual Success and Wellness Coach who works with clients to create a life that light them up. To learn more about her work, click here