Marketing your Soulful Service or Event


Soul based marketing is all about tapping into the essence of your clients, speaking to them right where they are, and giving them a glimpse of the transformation that awaits.

What soul based marketing is not about, is fear.

It’s not about pressing pain points, it’s not about persuasion tactics, and it’s not about scarcity selling.

When you create something from the heart.. something that’s aligned with your purpose, and in the true spirit of service to others, then there’s no need for fear based marketing.

So how do we, as soulful entrepreneurs, go about sharing our offerings?

To help you market your own soulful service or event with ease and grace, follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Speak to the Transformation

Don't just talk about the event or the content of what you’ll be sharing. Tell people about the transformation that you’re offering.

When we’re communicating with people at a soul level the language is one of evolution and becoming. Keep your focus on the big vision rather than the nuts and bolts.

This means meeting your soul circle where they’re at right now, focusing on the feelings that will come out of the experience, and giving them a glimpse of what it means for their future selves.

Where does your offering promise to take them? Where is your soul circle’s Shangri La?

2. Tell a Story

Our unconscious mind sees and experiences the world in stories, and so to speak to the deepest parts of people we must paint a picture.

To do this you can give real life examples of how this work has transformed people’s lives, your own personal journey, and the overall experience of your offering.

When you share a beginning, a middle, and an end, it gives people something they can connect with. It gives them a whole picture that they can imagine and dream into. A vision of their highest good.

This is what your product or event is really offering to people. And this story is what you need to connect them with.

3. Be Authentic

A common mistake I see in marketing, is people hiding behind their brand, or even worse a mask that they’ve created for themselves.

It can be difficult to speak our truth, but being authentic is what catapults us from fighting to keep our head above the water, to transmitting our purpose straight from source.

People buy from people. When you show up for yourself, others get to know you and your energy - and they connect to YOU.

A big part of being authentic is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

When we’re vulnerable we accept those parts of ourselves that we may see as weak, or unpopular. This can be hard - oh boy can this be hard! But it’s vital because it helps others to do the same.

So many of us start out in life feeling like we have to be perfect, but this just isn’t the case. No one is perfect. And when we pretend to be, all it does is alienate people.

It’s our authenticity, and therefore our imperfections, that bring us together. This is the key to building community, trust, and most importantly hope.

The message is - “if I can be imperfect, but still lead a happy and fulfilling life - then so can you”.

This is the key to truly transforming the lives of others.

If you have a soulful service or event you’re trying to market, I want to hear from you!!

And if you could use some help stepping into alignment with your true power and purpose, please check out my Manifest Miracles retreat in Costa Rica this spring.