Maybe it's you?


I have an inexplicable urge to move forward, to capture my light, swallow it whole, and glow from the inside out. I have an inexplicable urge to help, heal, inspire and create lasting connections with all the shiny souls. This desire used to be buried under expectation. The expectation to be the best, to win the award, to be perfect, to not mess up, to not look stupid, to not let the fear show through. Sound familiar? This was the story I created for myself, this was the story I latched on to and began to use as my excuse to not move forward. I allowed myself to be paralyzed. I enjoyed it even. It was my safety from uncomfortable situations.What’s your safety blanket? What’s your thing that you latch onto? Take a moment to think about what your excuse is. I am willing to bet almost all of your reasons for stopping, for not realizing your full potential, are all tied to just a few themes, maybe even one. Are you like how I was? Are you a self-proclaimed perfectionist? Are you too scared to take a step forward because it might not be perfect and you’ll come off looking unprepared, or even worse, like a complete fraud? Are you scared of change because it might fail? So what’s your excuse, what’s YOUR reason? What’s your limiting belief?Have you bought a one-way ticket to the land of Who Am I to Be? Well, sister, I am here to tell you that the ticket is totally refundable. You just need to muster up the courage to tell that ticket agent you’re ready for your refund - no excuse needed. You are enough, simply because you are you. You are the one to be exactly what you want to be, that idea is your soul talking. It took the miracle of epiphany through guided and self-exploration for me to discover and remove my limiting beliefs (still removing!). It took me a while to figure out why it was that I felt (still feeling sometimes) that insatiable need to be perfect. It’s because I chose to. I chose to receive that message and victimize myself. No one is to blame. I gradually became a hard-wired channel for that belief. And you know what, I finally chose to say good bye to that big pile of limiting garbage, and have totally opened myself up to faith. Faith that the Universe and I are co-creating a future greater than what I am imagining. I have faith that the vision I have for myself WILL happen. I have no doubt. And that, my dear friends, is powerful. The beauty of having faith in your gifts and your purpose is so freeing. Imagine waking up every day so excited that you get to be you. That you are the one who gets to fulfill this amazing vision simply because you believe. Simply because you believe. How beautiful is that? How empowering is that? How cool is it to know that all you need to do is believe in yourself and your partnership with the universe? How cool is it to know that the wisdom that has been buried deep inside of your soul is the key to living the life of your dreams? Being excited, happy, and grateful, and in the flow with the Universe. It’s knowing that even if things don’t go as planned or if something fails that there will be opportunity after opportunity to achieve your dreams.So what can you do right now to take a step closer to actualizing your light? What’s one goal you can write down, right now? A great easy goal isfiguring out what to replace a bad or limiting habit with bit by bit - not all at once (unless cold turkey is your thing!). Sit on the coach all day? Replace with push-ups during commercial breaks for just one show. Eat sugary snacks all day? Replace with an apple just one or two of those times. Stress yourself out beyond belief? Set aside 1 minute every hour to breathe deeply. Can’t find the motivation to work out? Make it a goal to do an in-home work out just two days this week. Spend too much money? Start setting a goal of a no-spend day just one day this week. Put this goal in your calendar. Schedule it. Take baby steps. Be gentle on yourself. Give yourself and attainable, easy goal to get going. Celebrate your victories as you start carving out your path to the best you. You can do it. I am doing it. Let it be YOU who creates your happiness. Stop relying on the outside world to create it for you. Chose happiness. Chose love. Chose you.