My Ninth Chakra Awakening


I often get asked if there was a pivotal moment in my life that sparked my spiritual awakening. And the answer is always an emphatic “Yes!”. It's when I discovered my ninth chakra.

At the time I was already doing a lot of inner work. I’d begun facing and dismantling my limiting beliefs.

Things like “I am not enough” - wow, that was a big one for me!

I’d also started healing long term chronic health problems that had plagued me for years.. migraines, acne, mild depression.

I was waking up to the power I had over my health simply through the foods that I ate, and I had started truly living by the tenant as above so below. Very soon after this subtle inner shift, my symptoms started disappearing, and for the first time in years I started feeling truly free.

I no longer felt powerless.

I no longer felt less than.

Without even meaning to, I began stepping into my true power, and was fast becoming the cause of my own reality.

I truly believe that this inner transformation was the catalyst for the spiritual awakening that was to come.

Had I not been doing the work, the message may not have resonated or it may not have taken root in my consciousness. But I was, and it did.

This is why I am so passionate about helping people to cultivate their inner worlds - because that is the gateway to even bigger awakenings.

Discovering My Ninth Chakra

So.. the pivotal moment that changed everything..

One night, in the midst of all this inner work, I had a dream. I don’t remember what happened, but suddenly *BAM*, I was sitting bolt upright in my bed.. it was as if a lightening rod  flashed through me and here I was.. alert, heart pounding, and fully conscious.

Then a voice started speaking to me. It wasn’t an ethereal dream like voice. It was as if someone was sitting right next to me, talking to me as you would a friend.

It was a mans voice. Solid, grounded, sweet, and very nurturing. And he was saying;

You must discover your 9th chakra

You must discover your 9th chakra

You must discover your 9th chakra

Over and over again.

Then suddenly I woke up. Both literally and figuratively! ;)

My Spiritual Awakening

At the time I didn’t really know much about chakras, and I certainly hadn’t heard of the 9th chakra. So that morning I started doing some research.

I read through everything I could find on the chakra system.. I learned about the root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, throat, third eye, and crown.. but there was no mention of a 9th chakra.

After talking to a few people, I found a text discussing the elusive 9th.. and discovered not only that the 9th chakra existed - but that it was in fact the seat of the soul.

Mind blown.

The 9th chakra allows us access to our soul’s code or higher purpose, it’s the door to archetypal energies that help to shape our destiny.

It has access to our karmic blueprint and Akashic records, as well as all the skills and lessons that we have learned across all lifetimes.

It’s like our cosmic, soul level archetype.

Our 9th chakra is how our soul manifests it’s gifts into the world of matter so that we can live our purpose, and be of service to others.

It was then that I realized I was being called to wake up to my souls purpose.

Not my human purpose - not a job title or a role.

But the essence of who I AM.

Not Meghan Sylvester.

But my Soul that had been here many many times before.

Learning Who I Really Am

I was being woken up to discover the essence of who I really am.

It was as if my inner programming had been tweaked or shifted somehow. I suddenly felt totally aligned with Source, and I felt guided by a strong desire and knowingness to live my souls essence.

I became a magnet for people, practices, and places that matched this awakened state in me, and everything started flowing at an abundant and accelerated rate.

I suddenly knew, deep in my bones, what I was here to do.

I am here to help people awaken their 9th chakra.

I am here to help people discover their essence and truth. Not just in this lifetime, but across all lifetimes. To really dig deep beyond the fears and to recognize our connection to infinity and to divine universal intelligence.

Listening To My Guides

The next day I took a nap (and I never take naps in the middle of the day), then I woke up to feet shuffling in the room and lots of voices.

They were saying:

She’s waking up, she’s waking up

She knows that we’re here, she knows that we’re here

And I just knew that these were all of my guides, my angels, my ancestors.. all gathering around me in the room..

From that moment on I learned their names and have been calling on them ever since. There are some times when I forget to call on the guidance of my team, but I always come back to them.

This was the experience which changed everything, and it’s a huge part of my why.

Why I’m here.. and what my soul’s purpose is.

Why I do the work I do.

If you feel called to awaken your 9th chakra I want to hear from you!

Please comment below, or share within the Soulful Leaders & Lightworkers tribe.