How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs around Money, Health, and Love


If you’ve followed my work then you’ve heard me stress the importance of overcoming your limiting beliefs so that you can create the life you desire. If there is something you do not like about your present experience then it is your responsibility to change it. Not someone else’s, yours. Your thoughts carry weight. They carry the ability to create your physical reality. And they do. Believe it, or don’t believe it, it still holds true.  The first step in changing your reality is witnessing the thought patterns and beliefs that have been confining you in your present situation. Now, it’s most likely true that there are areas of your life that you do enjoy. What’s important is to understand that you can create belief systems around one area of your life, say career or money, that totally differ from another aspect of your life, say love and family.  So for now let’s say you do not currently like your financial situation. The first step in improving your financial situation is witnessing the beliefs you have around money and your feelings around making it, keeping it, spending it, etc.  To kick off this first step what you need to do is really begin to listen to yourself talk about money. Do you find yourself saying things like, I’m so poor, I’m always broke, I wish I had enough money for xyz, I never have enough money, I’m so stressed about money, I live paycheck to paycheck… Any of those sound familiar? Listen to yourself and really begin to notice the key phrases you have on repeat regarding your financial situation. Take out your journal, turn on some inspiring tunes and write out your money story. What is your relationship with money (or health, or love, or whatever area it is that you’d like to improve). Think about how you’ve handled money in the past. Do you get it and then hoard it because you don’t think you will get more? Do you get it and spend it right away because you don’t think you are responsible enough to hold onto it? Do you get money in spurts and then go through dry spells? Deep down do you believe you are not worthy enough to earn large sums? Take some time to write this out so that you can become very familiar with the story and beliefs you’ve created.  For example, for a long time I believed that the only way to make large amounts of money was by doing something high-profile and difficult (ie big fancy corporate job), I did not believe that I could make money, and lots of it, by simply doing what I do best. I had this story so deeply ingrained that I thought in order to make money I had to have a professional degree, have a professional job and have a million certifications to prove my worth.  And that’s simply not true.  I re-programmed my belief patterns and created a new story. I witnessed my limiting story and chose to change it through assuming new beliefs and taking the proper subsequent steps to really align my energy with this new truth.  You know that Whack-a-mole game?  I treated my limiting beliefs like the little moles and my new, empowering story as the hammer. I fought fear with love and eventually transformed my story.  I am now a successful, online Life Coach doing exactly what I love (something that comes easy to me, because it’s simply me being me). I took the ideas from the limiting stories I had and then created new, empowered statements. I became the fierce protector of my financial situation. I turned the story around by changing my thoughts. I believed, with all of my heart, that my thoughts create my reality, so I used new thoughts to create a new reality. Make sense? I hammered away at the old story. I wrote empowering statements like, Money flows to me easily, literally everywhere. I carried my journal with me everywhere and got to work when I felt the old fear story creeping in.  Step One in creating the life of your dreams is to witness your fear story / limiting belief and then begin reprogramming your subconscious with your conscious mind.  You can absolutely change your story by changing your thoughts. But it takes commitment and the willingness to believe. Changing your thought patterns means you take the steps to understand your blocks and learn how to process and bust through them. Something I often do with my clients is have them write out their limiting story and then dispose of that story (by burning it, shredding it, flushing it down the toilet) to energetically symbolize the cycle of death and rebirth when it comes to the belief. Give this a try to kick everything off!!   There is another more vibrant way to live and it’s all on the other side of fear!