Pan Seared Red Snapper, Plantains, and Bok Choy


Red snapper, plantains and bok choy. OK, OK, I hear what you're saying....this might sound like a weird combo, but I am telling's soooooo good! Just give it a try and let me know what you think. This is a nutrient packed plate of food. You're getting proteins, healthy fats, micronutrients, and fiber. Plus tons of flavor. I hope you enjoy!!This recipe is for one (pretty hungry) person. So just increase the amount of each ingredient as needed Ingredients:1 whole plantain - peeled and cut into spearsCoconut oil2 baby bok choy - separated into leavesCoco AminosBlack Pepper & SaltOlive OilCelery Root - use a vegetable peeler to create shavings, about 1/2 cup worth (use veggie peeler to remove hard outer layer first).1 6-8 oz Red Snapper filletSmoked sea salt, black pepper, garlic powderSqueeze of lemon1 tsp minced garlic How to:fry plantain in coconut oil on medium/low until golden browncook bok choy in pot with 2 oz water, coco aminos, black pepper, until softheat olive oil in pan, once hot, throw in shaved celery root. Season with garlic powder, black pepper, dash of salt and cook until they look like chips, removeseason snapper in smoked sea salt, black pepper, garlic powderUsing the same pan you used for the celery root, heat olive oil on medium/low, once oil has heated up a bit add snapper flesh side down (make sure not to get pan too hot or fish will stick). add lemon and garlic. Continue cooking for 3-4 minutes. flip, cook for another 4 minutes or so paying attention to the color of the fish.When ready to take off, turn up the heat just a bit with scales down so the scales stick to the pan, making it easier to peel the flesh away from the scaled.Put snapper on top of bok choy in the plate, top snapper with celery root chips, put plantains on the side. According to my husband, this dish is "f'n good!" ;) Curious to learn how to incorporate healthy meals into your home! I am here to help - send me a message by clicking here and let me know how I can help you!