The Art of Decluttering


Each year deciduous trees all over the world shed the leaves that have been their life line to the sun. - a decluttering of sorts. They are entering a new phase, and through letting go of the old, they make way for new growth in the coming spring.

They intuitively know that rebirth can only come into being through release.

We are no longer connected to these cycles, which can create an underlying fear of scarcity, and make us hold on tightly to what no longer serves us. 

This way of being is often reinforced when we are young, leading us to store things; whether it be material possessions, emotions, memories, or physical attachments.

They make us feel safe. But it’s a fake kind of safety; the safety of familiarity.

True joy comes from the lightness of being who we truly are.

After a while we become use to the weight of being and acting in a certain way. Of doing what is expected, and not wanting to rock the boat.

This false persona becomes so much a part of ourselves that we begin to forget who we really are… and nothing is as terrifying as not knowing oneself!

So instead, we lock our dreams up in a box, and hide in the clutter we have created. Hoping that we will never have to face the question – who am I?

But!.. For those ready to answer the call.. let’s listen to the trees :)

In preparation for the coming spring, it’s time to say goodbye to that which is no longer needed for the true expression of who we are.

Step 1 – Raise your Vibration

Before beginning any kind of release work it’s good to raise our vibration so that we’re staring from a fresh happy place; seeing ourselves and our environment in a positive light.

This helps us to tell the difference between what’s serving our happiness, and what’s bringing it down.

There’s lots of things we can do to quickly raise our vibration.. and here are some easy ideas below to get you in the zone.

• Move your body (dance, go for a walk, do some yoga)

• Energy medicine (qi gong or a quick 5 minute energy routine)

• Meditate (I personally love Kundalini Meditations - more on those in the coming weeks!)

• Connect with your purpose (through journalling, vision boarding, visioning, daydreaming)

• Pamper yourself

• Listen to some upbeat music and get pumped!

This step may sound silly, but it’s super helpful for the rest of the process, as it helps us to see things from a higher, more aligned perspective.

Everything you have in your life right now is there because, on some level, a past version of yourself chose it – and therefore it has served you in some way.

That threadbare underwear you resent putting on every morning.. it has served you.

Step 2 – Lean back into a Grateful Mindset

The old books from college that you’re never going to read again.. they have served you.

Unwelcome memories of your ex that pop up without warning.. they have served you too.

When we begin this work, it’s not about looking down on everything and telling ourselves how awful it all is, or worst still trying to pretend it never happened! Because this ignores the fact that life is a process, and that we are constantly learning.

At every stage in our lives, it’s important to honor the path that led us here, and give thanks for all the lessons along the way.

When we don’t honor our experience (by refusing it ever happened or that we ever chose it) – we give our power away and create endless cycles of recurring lessons and sticking points for ourselves.

But, if we do this work now we don’t have to repeat the same mistakes, and we can gracefully move towards the next level of our journey. Doesn’t that sound nice! ;)

So.. let us use our intention, as chances are it will save us a good few meanderings in the future! 

As we work through each space, each item, each memory.. it’s important to allow ourselves to feel the emotions that come up. To witness them, thank them for what they has given us, and then let it go with gratitude and love.

A simple.. “I acknowledge that I once chose you on some level, thank you for the part you’ve played, I no longer need you, and let you go with love”

This works for objects, painful memories, relationships, and anything else we need to release.

Step 3 – Ask the Sacred Questions

As we declutter each area, it’s common to feel compelled through habit or old patterns to want to hold onto things.

This is a self defence mechanism of the ego, which is scared of anything new. It sees the letting go of possessions as a death.. and in many ways it is.

A death of the old little self, and a rebirth of the new big Self.

We don’t want to cause too much shock to our ego or our unconscious mind (as they have ways of acting out when we do!).

So it’s often an easier and lighter process to cycle through these areas regularly.. pushing our comfort zone a little more each time, without the expectation that we ‘should’ (or even can) release everything all at once.

Only you know what you’re ready to let go of, so go at your own pace and be gentle with yourself. If we can make friends with this process, and turn it into a weekly or monthly habit it will serve us well in the long run.

Much better to go slow and steady than whizzing through once, and it being so drastic and painful that you never want to do it again!

So, following in the footsteps of the lovely Marie Kondo.

*If you haven't already seen “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix - it’s a MUST!*

Let’s keep this in mind;

When holding each item in your hand, ask these 2 questions;

1 Does it spark joy?

2 Does it serve my higher vision or Self?

If the answer is no.. then it’s time to let it go.

Step 4 – Work through each space one at a time

Your physical environment is a good place to start, because this has the most impact on what you can see right in front of you.

Transforming a messy, cluttered space into an open free space will give you the energy and momentum to keep going – and to keep smiling while you do it!

Then once you’re happy with your physical space, try working through your electronic clutter (Phones and Laptops ladies!).

Listening to your favorite music, movies, or audio books are great at keeping the vibe high as you go. And most of all try to have fun with it; celebrating the new abundance and joy that you’re making space for.

This process works with the law of Vacuum to call in the new energy, abundance, and synchronicities needed for your true path. Showing the universe what you really want, and that you’re ready for the next step.

Give it a try, and let me know what wonderful, exciting things you manifest!!