If you're ready to live a life that lights you up, read this

live a life that lights you up

live a life that lights you up

Not too long ago, I shared this image on social media, and the response was crazy. I received messages from all sorts of women asking me how I did it. How I lost the weight. And how I totally transformed my life. And the truth is...I'm not magic. I just committed to a process.The biggest difference between these two girls isn't the 40 pounds that was shed.   It isn't the cleared up skin or the absence of daily migraines. It isn't the fact that one couldn't fall asleep to save her life and the other one sleeps like a baby.   It’s not even that one no longer has to take prescription meds for depression.   Yeah, those are definitely amazing perks of my transformational journey...but the biggest difference is that the girl on the right, the one who's comfortable in a crop top...that girl is no longer at war with herself.

I always thought that once I finally got the right job, or finally lost the weight THEN I'd be happy. I thought once I had energy again THEN I'd be happy. I also thought that once I got my crazy quirks straightened out - like bouncing from one idea to the next - that I'd finally be happy.

But then the shifts started happening and bit by bit, I began to realize that I was so much more than a physical shell of muscles and bones. I began to realize that the reason I was bouncing around so much was that I was trying to fit into a box of what I thought everyone else wanted me to be in.   I realized that prioritizing my growth and development as a human was not a luxury, it was essential.The big difference between these two girls is that one of them thought self-care was silly and that intuition was mumbo-jumbo, the other one now knows that those are the keys to a miraculous life. One of these girls woke up and was bold enough to explore her truest, highest self. One of these girls said yes to a journey of awakening and happiness. One of these girls is completely comfortable in her own skin because she knows she is so much more than that.  I'm sharing this because I want this for whoever is ready. I completely transformed my life. And I thank myself every single day for answering the urge. (and ps - I did this while in school, as a mom of two, and working a full-time job).

I've created an entire program to take you through your own transformation

So here's the deal, my love... I've created a 4 month Coaching Program to help you pinpoint what's holding you back (there's these nasty little things called limiting beliefs, fear based patterns, and lower vibrational states...I'll help you uncover them!). We'll replace those old patterns with new ones specifically tailored for you. We'll work out any kinks and figure out how to navigate through challenges. My approach is based on my unique four step process:

  1. RELEASE: Living a miraculous, happy life starts by drawing awareness to and learning how to release negative, unhealthy belief systems and habits.

  2. REPLENISH: A commitment to replenishing those facets with beliefs, habits and patterns that light you up and bring happiness to your life.

  3. REVIVE Through committed and sustained effort, you will begin to revive those areas of your life that once felt dull and like they were holding you back - your health, your well-being, your outlook on life...

  4. (my fave): THRIVE. Once you have finally transformed your fear based patterns into those of love you will begin to thrive. And I'm not talking just physically. I'm talking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Because you are a whole package.

Look what Amanda M said:"Signing up for Meg’s coaching package was one of the easiest decisions my super anxious, over-questioning (is that even a word?) brain has made. My inner self had been secretly waiting for her to start coaching for quite some time. You see, I had been following Meg’s own journey and I loved watching her transformation. She’s was always beautiful and fun, but seeing her soul truly light up and come through her posts on social media, sent a longing to my heart. Meg took me as I was and worked with me from there. She didn’t just ask me generic questions, she listened and spoke to me and my heart. Knowing I enjoy facts and learning, she also would incorporate that into my lessons, as well as forwarding me information to read. She helped me focus on my total self - mind, body, and spirit. Also, she knows how important my faith is to me and was very respectful of that, which I appreciate so very much. I loved that she was both available and intentional - even when I was extra needy! She also didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear or what would make me temporarily happy, she lovingly pushed me to understand my feelings and call them out to understand and deal with them. For the first time in my life, I’m able to journal how I’m feeling.  For years, I’ve been so focused on my weight and body image issues. She has helped me with nutrition and getting me on the right track to feeding my body what it needs. Now, I’m on a path I feel confident about. The most surprising thing I’ve found working with Meg, is that after taking her advice and focusing on being still, just breathing and relaxing, taking walks for the sheer joy of taking in nature (instead of for exercise), I was able to lose some weight. My body has been holding onto so much stress for so long, that letting it go really started allowing my body to lose weight!  There’s nothing I can type that can convey all of my feelings. If you are like me and have tried to feel better by dieting, exercise, counselors, etc that may have helped a little, but never really worked, then I implore you to try Meg. Having one person connect everything together is life-changing, and I believe Meg is that person!"- Amanda M. ...And Julie K."Thank you so much for everything! I'm so much more energetic, even with the cold that I have. It's so crazy to think about how my life has changed in just 5 weeks. I'm so excited to see what the next several months have to offer for me as well. I'm down 17 -- SEVENTEEN -- pounds!!!! since we started!!  Everyone needs a little Meg Sylvester in their life! You have been so amazing to work with! Goodness -- I'd probably be taking my wedding gown out rather than in if it weren't for you." - Julie K

If you are ready to:Bust through old unhealthy habits that no longer serve you Drop the juggling act and gain control of your life Lose weight and feel energized Discover how to tackle symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, migraines, acne, and bloating Learn how to properly respond to stress and anxiety Gracefully incorporate lasting healthy habits into your household

If you know there's more to life than this. If you are ready to do the damn thing. If you are ready to stop skimming through life and start living, then make this the day you decide to take action.

I have a special type of client that I love working with. Those who are kind and compassionate. Those who are open to new ideas. Those who are ready to welcome love into all facets of their life - especially for themselves. Here's what you can expect:

  • 16 private coaching sessions by phone

  • 2 Intuitive Card Reading + Guidance Session

  • Email and text support between sessions

  • Accountability, Support, and Compassion from me, the person who is ready to walk you through to the other side.

  • 2 "Oh Shit" Calls for those melt-down moments

  • Access to all of my Functional Medicine Food Plans, Mind-Body Medicine techniques, plus more

  • Plus a free welcome gift that I know you'll love

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I KNOW YOU CAN BECAUSE I DID IT TOO!If you want to learn more, simply message me here!  Can't wait to talk with you! Xo,Meg