Client Love


“Before I started working with Meg, I felt frazzled, because I had no idea what actions to take to move forward with my business.”

Meg has helped me identify and dissect the fearful thought patterns that kept me so resistant and stuck. After working together, I now feel so light, grounded and confident in my own internal guidance system. I have finally found pleasure and confidence in my work, and no longer feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster. I feel so happy because I finally have a solid foundation for my life and my business.”



“When I reached out to Meg, my business solely existed on seeing patients one on one.”

“My ultimate goal was to help empower people on a more massive scale, but I didn’t know how to do it. Meg has amazing ability to dig deep into your psyche and to immediately clarify your vision. She helped structure my goals in ways that provided new inspiration to scale my business through intention. Since working with Meg, I have released the self-limiting beliefs that kept me stuck. Because of our work together, I am now doing what I was only dreamed of including writing a book, co-hosting women’s retreats globally, and empowering people through sacred healing circles. I have accomplished more in the last few months working with Meg than in the last two years combined. If you are looking for true authenticity and are ready to catapult yourself into a new dimension, Meg is the ultimate visionary, and a truly creative genius!”


“While I worked with Meg she helped me dig into the heavy stuff.”

“All I did was work, I had no idea how to set boundaries, or tell people, “No.” Meg helped me decide what I wanted and who I wanted to be. She helped me set goals that not only mirrored my plans but that were achievable. And she checked in and held me accountable. She set me straight when I was sabotaging my own goals because they were big and I was scared. Not only have I succeeded and made huge accomplishments at work and in my relationships as a result of her coaching and support, but I love myself. Like, really and truly love myself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful..”


Joining Meg on one of her retreats is a gift to yourself that will open your eyes, ignite your own fire and connect you to yourself in ways you may not yet have an envisioned...

“Meg is one of those totally special people capable of changing lives because she truly cares about the welfare of others.”

“She is smart, organized, focused, but most importantly tuned into you. In my sessions with Meg, I crafted a complete business plan and developed goals which were accomplished within our sessions - much to my amazement.

Meg’s gift is knowing how much to push and when to be step back. She will not let you fail. She will offer many possibilities and allow you to select those which resonate with you. She is strong but soft, fun, lighthearted, intelligent and just a blast to work with. She will always be on your side and never let you down.”


“Meg has changed my life and I am forever in her debt.”

She has a special healing power and technique that are truly unique and a heart of gold. If I had to use 3 words to describe her they would be Magical, Powerful, & Assertive



“Before I started working with Meg, my life was in complete uncertainty.”

“I knew I was made for more but I did not know how to get there. I felt anxious, tired, and lost. Starting my own business was something I had dreamed about for years, but I never moved forward because I was crippled by comparison. Because of Meg’s love, support, guidance, and accountability, I was finally able to turn my dream of starting my own business into a reality. Today, I help women find their health from the inside out. If It wasn't for Meg this would still be a dream, and I would still be playing it safe and small. Meg is an exceptional leader, passionate about what she does, and is invested in you! She allows you to dream big and shows you your true worth even when you can't see it. She knows her shit and will guide you along the way to being the best version of you. All in all, Meg is an amazing mentor and friend that I will have for a life-time. I love this Girl!!!!


“Meg is an angel on earth here to help women like us step fully into their purpose and create a fulfilling life that they love.”

"Before making the decision to work with Meg I remember thinking “What if this turns out to be the best thing I have ever done and changes my life?” Well, that’s exactly what happened.

When I reached out to Meg I was overtaken by my anxiety and felt unsure of my purpose. Meg held a safe space for me to heal from past traumas, rewrite limiting beliefs and patterns holding me back. She helped me to discover my purpose and begin to step fully into it, and SO much more. I am no longer crippled by anxiety, I know my purpose and speak my truth. I have started my health coaching practice! I have a regular meditation practice, became a Reiki practitioner, established a strong connection with Source, manifested the cutest little car, mended broken relationships, overcame fears, the list goes on and on!”


“Working with Meg was exactly what I needed to move forward in creating my business.”

She has taken my ideas and helped me get clear on a path to success. I look forward to our weekly calls and always feel so grounded afterward. She is friendly and funny and is genuinely supportive in every part of my life. Meg's work has had such a positive impact on my life, everyone around me has noticed. Thanks Meg!!