Your Gifts

Are Calling. Isn’t It Time That You Answer?

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.
— Rumi

Feel like the best parts of you are hidden away, blocked from the sun by fear, doubt and uncertainty?

You know you’re here to shine your light, uplift the planet and maybe even heal the world along the way, but you’re so busy doing the stuff that keeps you stuck that you just can’t make any real progress on your purpose.

And you’re starting to feel it. Like, reeeeeeally feel it.


Your heart? It’s aching for expansion.
Your soul? It’s longing to feel alive.
And your purpose? It’s begging to come out. 

The whole point of this ride is to be yourself and put your magic out into the world. You just wish someone would show you how.



Spiritual life coach, mentor and soul blueprint expert sent here to bring your gifts to life

My mission? To help you with yours, so you can achieve the levels of freedom, flow and abundance you’ve only dreamt about until now. This is where you let go of everything that’s been holding you back, so you can surrender to what you’re really meant for. 

Together we’ll uplevel your energy, unlock your true essence, and uncover your unique gifts, so you can finally start living — and profiting from — a place of intention.



choose your path

Want to take the next step forward together? Pick the option that feels like a full body YES.


Soul Clarity Session

Receive guidance through oracle cards, channeled messages and intuitive coaching. In this session I will partner with your spirit guides and angels to uncover and release limiting energy while illuminating your path.

This is my Path

Retreats & Live Events

Immersive & cathartic experiences designed to take you from that space of stuck-ness and confusion to one of deep clarity, spiritual fulfillment, and energetic transformation. High vibes always included!

This is my Path

Private Mentorship

Your mission? It’s a big one. So why are you trying to build it alone? Get the mentorship, guidance and accountability to break free of the fear and finally move the needle forward on your vision.

This is my Path


Ever Thought About Leading Your Own Retreat?

Then you’re in the right place! Meg has designed an online 8 week course, to turn your dream of hosting your very first retreat into a reality. In this course, you will be taught Meg’s exact essential steps to creating, marketing, and executing your very own soulful retreat. Ready to launch your very own soulful retreat?


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