Ready to find your light? Here’s the path I took to get to mine


I was born into a family where everybody but me seemed to be fully living their purpose out loud.

I was a little bit different though. I believed that purpose existed, but I was fixated on the idea that I’d never find mine.

My head had a million thoughts about what it might be, and each of them took me somewhere new. A new school. A new major. A new job. A new country.


When I came back from teaching English in Thailand (my last ditch effort at finding what I’d been sent here to do), I felt more confused than ever. So, I did what “normal” people do — I poured all of my energy and drive into climbing the corporate ladder.

From the outside looking in, everything looked great.

  • I’d checked the wife box.
  • The mom box.
  • The 6-figure corporate career box.
  • This was as good as it gets, wasn’t it?

 Still, deep in my heart I knew something wasn’t right. As they say, your body is a messenger, and mine was desperately trying to signal the truth: 

My soul? She felt like she was dying.


I knew it was time to go all in, but something inside of me was holding me back.

I was battling thoughts like Who am I to do this? Am I enough? Why should I do this if a million other people already have?

And I had no idea how to start. I was confused and scared, but excited and hopeful.


One by one, the symptoms crept up.

My skin started breaking out with horrible cystic acne. My chronic fatigue got so bad, I couldn’t survive the day without at least 3 cups of coffee, and my migraines derailed me for days at a time. 

I hopped from doctor to doctor looking for a diagnosis that would satisfy me — anything to give me a sense of control over my own life.


Not long after, I had another serendipitous run-in with a book that would change my life: “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein.

I’d been so thirsty for spirituality in my life, but I’d never found a way to integrate it that didn’t involve organized religion and Communion wafers on a Sunday morning….until Gabby.


I woke up to a part of myself I’d never met before but had always been inside me — my soul.

My newly minted meditation practice began to guide my days long after I untangled my legs from lotus position.


 So I began to follow the breadcrumbs…


I spent months obsessively studying mindset and human consciousness.

I became a student of spiritual teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda, Dr Wayne Dyer, and the Dalai Lama. I hired mentors and worked with shamans, and I finally realized what I truly wanted to do.

I wanted to be hosting women’s circles, leading retreats, and bringing people through a real energetic transformation. I wanted to feel my bare feet beating against the jungle floor in Costa Rica, waterfalls cascading down my back in Hawaii and the smooth flavor of cappuccino warming my belly in Italy.


I finally became ready to unite all the best parts of myself —

the mystic, the entrepreneur, the yogi, the wanderer, the shaman, the powerhouse — and step fully into the purpose that would allow me to shine my absolute brightest: 

Today, I’m a Spiritual Life Coach for purpose-driven dreamers and lightworkers just like you. I also host soulful events and spiritual retreats all around the world, and I use my intuitive and God-given gifts to help my clients transmute their limiting beliefs and take the action steps that lead them to the fulfillment of their calling. (Finally, amirite?!)


 Are you ready to shine brighter and create a life and business that makes you glow from way down in your soul?